Dear Catastrophe Waitress (fresh_endeavor) wrote in the_t_baum,
Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Well considering our severe lack of's a question for you!

Fashion plays a large role in each character. Chad's track suits, Margot's Lacoste dresses, Etheline's hair, and the list goes on. Whichi character's fashion do you find most intriguing, and why?

My favorite is Margot. I love how she continues to wear the Lacoste dresses of her childhood into adulthood, showing how lost she is. The loafers and harsh haircut with those dresses is just perfect for her. I also think it was very impressive on behalf of the costume department. See, all of those dresses (for young Margot, adult Margot, in the closet) were all custom made by Lacoste. I'm not sure if they made the monotone dresses at the time, but I know for a fact that they no longer made the striped dresses. They refuse to start too =[ After the movie sparked such an interest in Lacoste polo dresses the company contemplated making striped dresses, but ultimately decided horizontal stripes were unflattering on a woman's figure. Humph. Silly French designers. Horizontal stripes aren't unflattering on me, and they certainly weren't on Gwyneth Paltrow and young Margot.
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