Dear Catastrophe Waitress (fresh_endeavor) wrote in the_t_baum,
Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Hi all! This is my first post, I'm Holly a mod here. I've had lots of school assignments and have been appropriately procrastinating by making Richie icons and friends only banners. Photobucket is being goofy though so I'll have to post some other time humph.

Also...I thought this was kind of interesting. Although this is technically a Richie only community, this is news related to Margot. According to they are opening new boutiques in Manhasset, NY, Boston, MA (my neck of the woods), San Jose, CA, and Paramus, NJ. My fingers are crossed that they'll have the polo shirt dresses! Just thought I'd share =]

Alright what is your favorite detail in the movie?
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