slight suffering is not too much to ask. (bring_back_food) wrote in the_t_baum,
slight suffering is not too much to ask.


All righty...this has been confusing me...

What on earth was Etheline doing unearthing a skeleton in the middle of New York? Why do you think that oddity was thrown into the film???
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I always wondered that too.
she was an archeologist/anthropoligist, for once... then, the whole harry-falls-into-the-hole-in-the-middle-of-a-really-meaningfull-discussion was hillarious. one of my fave parts in the movie.

btw... they do that... dig up stuff in the middle of the city that is. sometimes, when working on a new bulding, or renovating an old one, they'll find god knows what, and archeologists are called in to check the stuff out. there's a whole archeological site in the middle of rome, and they've got it in london as well, among many other places.

sorry about the useless info here, i'm an archeology undergrad. ;)
Yeah it would make sense for somewhere in Europe...much more history and older civilizations. Like in Madrid there is a 300 year old cemetary in the middle with of Seville. But in New York?
surprisingly enough, there's tons of interesting stuff under new york as well. it's been around for a couple of hundred years now, and it is not uncommon that early pilgrim stuff is found there. or, even older, indian stuff. manhattan island used to belong to the indians before they sold it off. ;)
It's certainly a bizarre touch to add to the film...I wonder if it's supposed to like, mean something.
i've no idea. thought about it myself, but i've no clue. maybe they just wanted to add a new layer to etheline's personality. i mean, we saw what all the other characters were doing - or supposed to be doing, anyways - so they showed us what she was up to.

besides, the harry falling into the hole scene was priceless. and the kiss scene too. the most awkward and bizzare kiss i've seen in a movie, i swear. ;)
Your icon is awesome... :)
I love your icon!
the royal tenenbaums is the best movie ever, then rushmore, then bottle rocket, and then old school (i know its not a wes anderson production, but u have to admit its awesome). well i guess i just wanted to say hey cause i think this page is a cool idea... well bye.
wait to you see Staaaarsky and Hutch. Awsome movie.